Man Wear

Men’s wear from Baron Kay’s is made of first-class materials which are exquisitely handicrafted into either classical or contemporary styles. Baron Kay’s always keeps an eye to the global fashion world. The Senior Sales Manager frequently flies between Hong Kong , United Kingdom and the U.S.A. so as to bring the most up-dated fashion trends back to the tailoring staff.

The Senior Sales Manager also received his Shanghai tailoring training from childhood. He understands the needs of different types of customers, and pays attention to each of them, especially those with odd sizes and a desire for the uniqueness in wearing apparel.

Lady Wear

Making garments for ladies holds a special meaning for the staff at Baron Kay’s. The variety and combinations of fabrics, colors and styles allow for an unlimited realm of creativity. This thus requires careful attention to individual needs. We ensure that the discriminating customer coming into Baron Kay’s is served by one designated tailor until she satisfactorily leaves our shop with her new fashion.

Baron Kay’s maintains a firm commitment to serving its lady patrons with a wide array of silks, brocades and prints designed expressly for feminine tastes. In this department, the Sales Manager personally oversees all designs and production. He ensures that the top standard of quality is maintained throughout in all operations. He is also a recognized color consultant providing artful advice on ladies’ color combinations and fabric matching. The total of these activities enhances Baron Kay’s value to customer and provides a firm foundation for confidence in workmanship, quality and price