In fashion, we inherit tradition but we are not restrained by it. Baron Kay’s staff maintains wide exposure to new fashion trends so as to provide customers with broad access to a wide range of up-to-date designs.

Fine handicraft and current designs are matched with high quality materials. Each year, the Baron Kay’s buyers directly import thousand types of first-class clothing materials with a wide variety of textures and colors. This keeps Baron Kay’s products up-to-the-minute with world standards, but at unbeatable prices.

Meanwhile, with a spacious shop floor, a large fleet of skillful tailors and lavish facilities, we provide first class service to customers. Design and tailoring work can be accomplished within a short time.

Honesty, sincerity and responsibility to customers is Baron Kay’s motto. Because of care for individual needs and after-sales satisfaction, the staff keeps close relationship with each customer. This ensures that they are completely satisfied with every aspect of their purchase. If they have any dissatisfaction, instant refund could be made.

Next time you visit Hong Kong, come to Baron Kay’s Tailor to discover why the Baron Kay’s is truly a tailor of difference.