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Uniform Department

As far as the Uniform Department is concerned, it is expanded more than it is expected in these days. We have grown up to a team of more than 150 staff including our own designers working for us on uniforms. Most of our clients are hotels, building management companies, security companies, restaurants and etc. The antenna of the Uniform Department has already stretched outside Hong Kong and reached to China mainland.

Our Factory

In addition to the tailor business, the Baron Kay’s has also set up a Uniform Department for many years specializing in tailor-made uniforms for hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, clubs and building management etc.

Our Strength

  • We have our own designers to provide our customers with valued and experienced advice on the designs, colour combinations and fabric matching.
  • We have quality control to ensure that all goods are in good condition prior to shipment to our customers.
  • We have our own garment facotry in China with more than 200 experienced workers working of us.

Therefore, we are confident that shipment is accurate and product are guaranteed.


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